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Amy's Garlic Farm

10 Years of Growing Experience

With 10 years of garlic growing experience, we provide consistent quality garlic and shallots.

Local Farm in Western New York

Located in Holley, NY we service all the surrounding areas for your garlic needs.

Garlic is a Health Food

Nutrient-dense and known for its medicinal properties, garlic can combat colds, reduce blood pressure, and promote digestion.

Farm to Table

Supporting local farms is important and garlic from our farm is direct to your table and will outlast store boughten garlic.

Photo of Lewis and Amy Passarell of Amy's Garlic Farm holding garlic outside their drying shed.

About Amy's Garlic Farm

Amy's Garlic Farm is a family-owned farm in our 10th year providing high-quality garlic and shallots to locals and garlic festival-goers. Our farm is located in Western New York State where the soils and climate lend themselves to growing great hard neck garlic. Please check out the garlic varieties that we have available this year below and feel free to contact us for more information about placing an order!

Types of Garlic and Shallots We Are Selling for the 2021 Growing Season

The following is our list of varieties of garlic and shallots that will be available this year.  We just started the harvesting process and the garlic has to dry before it is ready for market.   Sometime around the beginning of August, we will have garlic ready for sale and we will let you know right here when it is ready on our brand new site!


All garlic is $10.00 per pound and Shallots are $5.00 per pound.


We take Cash, Check, Paypal, and Venmo.  You can Call (585-331-0148) to place an order or you can fill out the contact form.

If you want to have the garlic shipped to you, you are responsible for shipping charges and we will work that out with you accordingly.

Bulk Orders

Bulk sales of 50 pounds or more are available for a discounted rate.  Call Lewis (585-331-0148) for pricing.


Photo of Turkish Red Garlic
Garlic Variety - Hardneck

Turkish Red

This garlic variety originated in the Turkish Mountains near the Black Sea. It has purple/red skins and an excellent intense flavor with medium heat. It is a great roasting garlic and averages 6-8 cloves per bulb .

Photo of Music Garlic on table
Garlic Variety - Hardneck


'Music' is named after Canadian grower Al Music who brought this variety from Italy in the 1980s. The flavors of 'Music' are described as mild to medium hotness, with a musky, rich taste. Averages 6 large easy-to-peal cloves per bulb.

Photo of Italian Softneck Garlic
Garlic Variety - Softneck

Italian Softneck

This superb heirloom garlic was brought to Washington State in the early 1900s by the Lorz family when they emigrated from Italy. This flavorful garlic has a robust, bold and spicy flavor that lingers in dishes. Great for braiding and contains 10-20 smaller cloves.

Photo of worker holding up German White Garlic
Garlic Variety - Hardneck

German White

German White garlic is a very large hardneck, porcelain type and is grown both for its scapes, and for its silvery-white, papery bulbs.  Flavor is described as a full garlic flavor with a sweet, balanced heat, and averages 4-6 very large cloves per bulb.

Photo of Polish Red Garlic
Garlic Variety - Softneck

Polish Red

Introduced into North America around 1900, Polish Softneck is larger than most softnecks.  This one’s for lovers of hot garlic! Even after roasting, when most garlic mellows out, Polish Softneck maintains impressive heat that’s not too overpowering and it is also a good choice for braiding.

Coming soon photo of watercolor garlic on textured background.
Variety - Leek

Elephant Garlic

Elephant garlic is not actually garlic, it is part of the same species of plant as a leek. It is about twice the size of standard garlic with a milder flavor and similar nutritional value (including allicin).   Elephant garlic is great for roasting and this year we have a whopping 100 lbs. of Elephant garlic available for sale!


Coming soon photo of watercolor garlic on textured background.
Close Relative of Garlic and Onions

Jermor Shallots

Jermor is a true French Longue type shallot, bred in the southern Rhone valley. It is equally popular in the kitchen for its excellent sweet taste and it stores well.

Shallots offer a bold flavor that will liven up any salad, sandwich, or any other dish that calls for raw onion. They add a sweet, rich flavor when sauteed alongside your favorite veggies or meats.

Photo of Yellow Shallots
Close Relative of Garlic and Onions

Yellow Shallots

Yellow Shallots are known for their crisp texture and onion-zing that doesn't have the same after-burn as larger onion varieties. 

Like garlic, shallots produce multiple cloves per head. Yellow Shallots produce 3 to 4 cloves per head, which can be stored for future dishes after harvest.

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